Local Food Sources

Here are some links to connect you to quality, local food sources.

CSA Farms:  CSA stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’, the best guarantee that the food you’re buying comes straight from the fields of a local family farm.  In exchange for your food dollar, you receive a share of fresh, in-season, organically-grown, and sustainably-produced vegetables each week throughout the harvesting season.  This supports local farming, and puts crisp, flavourful, nutritious food on your table.  For a list of CSA farms and pick-up locations, please visit:

Farmers’ Markets:  For information about farmers’ market locations, dates, and times, please visit:

Local Farm Listings:  To find the fresh, nutritious food you want from farms in your area, please visit:

Specialty Whole Food Sources (for bulk online orders):

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates (father of medicine, 431 B.C.)

Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek, via picjumbo.com