If you are a hay fever sufferer living in our naturally lush Lower Mainland, there’s little comfort in know that very soon you will be surrounded by snowy cottonwood, yellow tree pollen, blooming flowers, fluffy dandelions, grass, and more… and that it will be virtually impossible to escape these threats to your overall sense of well-being any time you step outside your door.

Drugstore anti-histamines can work to reduce allergy symptoms but they often come with side effects, including drowsiness and headaches. Considering the trade-off, many people would rather deal with their allergies in a more natural way.

Pascallerg® by Pascoe Canada is a product I frequently recommend to my patients who suffer from hay fever because:

  • it is a proven homeopathic product with solid scientific backing
  • it has been effectively used for treating and preventing seasonal allergies for over 35 years
  • it is non-drowsy and has no known side effects for children and adults
  • it is safe for ages 1 and up
  • a recent study has shown that 89.5% of patients have shown improvement and relief from symptoms such as runny nose, watering eyes, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and itching of the skin and eye
  • it is useful not only for seasonal allergies, but many other allergies as well, including skin and food allergies
  • over the years, many of my patients have used it with great success.

To find out more about homeopathy and learn about the science that makes Pascallerg® so effective, click here.

(Note: no compensation has been received to endorse this company or its products.)

Dr. Sarah Sjovold is a Naturopathic Doctor practising at Livstil Wellness Clinic. She regularly sees patients in the Langley and Surrey area looking for help with digestion, detoxing. and immune support.

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