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Environmental Allergies

Seasonal and/or year-round allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, affects millions of Canadians every year, often resulting in mild to severe discomfort, fatigue and daytime sleepiness, poor sleep and concentration, and reduced work productivity and daily activity.

What Causes Seasonal Allergies to Develop?

Services Include

  • Adrenal assessment – the hormone “cortisol” is produced by the adrenal glands. Low cortisol levels due to low adrenal reserve affect the body’s ability to effectively manage allergen reactions.
  • Allergy scratch testing with Quantum Allergy Canada – a quick, reliable, reproducible, in-office test to assess for allergen reactions.
  • Immunotherapy “desensitization process” – involves the administration of specific allergens over time to a sensitive individual to increase his/her tolerance to that particular allergen, thereby decreasing allergic symptoms.
    • Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) – a non-invasive, effective seasonal allergy treatment option that uses oral drops instead of injections. For more information, click here.
  • Individualized treatment using a combination of botanical herbs, nutritional supplements, IV nutrient therapyglutathione therapy, physical medicine and acupuncture to improve anti-oxidant status and reduce overall inflammation.

Note: Chronic exposure to air pollutants has been shown to increase anti-oxidant stress and promote inflammation in the body, contributing to allergies and asthma.

Further Resources

Reducing your exposure to allergens as much as possible is paramount in controlling your allergy symptoms. The following website links provide information about quality products that have been tested and proven to be effective for indoor inhalant allergen avoidance.

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