Naturopath Surrey

What to Expect

Congratulations on taking this important step in making your health a priority and considering naturopathic medicine as part of your health care plan! When you come for an appointment, you will learn that the main goal of naturopathic medicine is to address the root cause of illness by considering all factors that influence health and disease. As a naturopathic doctor (ND), Dr. Sjovold aims to help you achieve an optimal level of health by addressing your immediate health care concerns, as well as focusing on your long term preventive medical care.

When To Make An Appointment

Many people think about seeing their ND only on an “as needed” basis.  Consider these scenarios when naturopathic care is also beneficial:

  • when you sustain a physical injury or post-surgery – naturopathic medicine has several treatments that work alone or together with conventional medicine.
  • during a period of intense stress – physical (i.e. athletes) or emotional.
  • for your and/or your family’s annual physical exams.
  • to prevent illness – cold and flu season, allergy season, annual detox, etc.
  • for weight loss – individualized programs based on your level of commitment, budget, and unique needs.

What To Expect

Generally, the first office visit is one hour, and return office visits are 15-30 minutes, but may be extended up to 45 minutes to an hour. During the first visit, Dr. Sjovold will be asking you several questions in order to obtain a thorough picture of your present health concerns and your related health history. This visit can include a complaint-oriented physical assessment (meaning it is not a full physical exam). Return office visits include assessment and review to evaluate how you are progressing and how to best proceed with future treatment.

Note: If you have not received and are due for an annual physical exam that includes a breast and PAP examination for women, or prostate examination for men, then a separate visit must be scheduled for these exams.

Cancellation Policy

In naturopathic practice, scheduled visits are significantly longer than in other fields of medicine. As your time is reserved to help you with your health concerns, if you are not able to make your scheduled appointment, please notify reception as soon as possible. A last minute cancellation prevents us from booking clients that are waiting to be seen. Our policy requires 48 hours to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply (100% of the consultation fee). Your cooperation is appreciated.

New Patient Intake Forms

A completed New Patient Intake form (see below) is required prior to your first consultation. Please complete the appropriate form below and choose one of the options, or arrive 15 minutes early prior to your consultation to complete the form in house:

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