Acne is a skin condition I have frequently treated over the years with varying success. It most commonly plagues teenagers, but also many adults, ranging from minor breakouts to severe inflammatory cyst-like lesions that can lead to hyperpigmentation and long-term scarring.

I have seen the greatest improvements in my patients when specific dietary changes are made and the appropriate nutraceuticals and herbs are taken to decrease inflammation and promote proper hormone metabolism.  However, the right skincare products can also have a dramatic impact. Skin is our largest organ and, as such, it needs to be treated both from the inside and the outside for the best results.

After years of treating different skin conditions, I found a technology that would allow me to address skin conditions more effectively and restore the skin back to a healthy condition much quicker than using topical skin care alone – a cutting-edge, European skincare technology called elapromed. This technology, when combined with a specialized product line called elaspa, delivers over 90% of the active healing compounds into the skin on a deep, cellular level, using a low voltage electrical current (known as “transdermalporation”). All products contain sustainably-sourced, 100% natural and 98% organic, plant-based compounds. The results are amazing!

The company behind this skincare system has created several condition-specific products to treat acne-prone skin, as well as the hyperpigmentation and scarring that can occur with acne. The ingredients target inflammation, overproduction of oil, bacteria that commonly colonizes the blocked pores, and even dehydration. Glycolic/ mandelic peels and algae/clay masks can also be combined pre- and post- treatments in specific case to enhance the healing effect of the treatment.
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Dr. Sarah Sjovold is a Naturopathic Doctor practising in the Langley and Surrey area where she sees patients looking for help with natural skin rejuvenation, esthetics, and botox alternatives.

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