Bounce back faster using these easy remedies.

Runny nose? Sore throat? Body aches? Fever? Catching a cold or coming down with the flu is nobody’s idea of a good time, even though it is a common reality of life, as well as Nature’s brilliant way of updating your body’s natural immune defenses.

However, sometimes even your best efforts won’t keep the cold or flu away. Instead of suffering discomfort from endless sniffling and coughing, and going through a Costco-sized supply of tissue, here are some easy ways of shortening the duration of your cold or flu.

  1. Sleep! Put on your pj’s and rest your way back to health.
  2. Old-fashioned chicken soup. Grandma was right, even if she may not have been aware that chicken soup’s anti-inflammatory properties help lessen the side-effects of a cold or flu.
  3. Make it salty. Gargling with salt water can reduce sore throat pain. Using a Neti pot to do saline nasal irrigation helps to ease nasal congestion and loosen mucus.
  4. Vitamin C boosts white blood cell counts which improves immune defenses. For an acute cold or flu, start by taking 1000mg. Increase by 500-1000mg every hour until you reach bowel tolerance (i.e. loose stool). At that point, decrease the dose slightly and maintain until symptoms resolve. Return to a maintenance dose of 1000mg per day.
  5. Drink water! Adequate hydration is the key to flushing out the virus from your system.
  6. Echinacea contains flavonoids which have the ability to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. See the article below for more information.
  7. Brew a pot of Garlic, Lemon, and Honey tea. (Click here for the recipe.) It’s the best remedy to “bust” your cold or flu.
  8. Visit me to get an Immune Max I.V., or Cold & Flu Buster I.V. These intravenous therapies deliver high doses of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream for rapid, targeted, and effective relief of cold and flu symptoms. Usually, two I.V.’s will have you back on your feet.
Dr. Sarah Sjovold is a Naturopathic Doctor practising at Livstil Wellness Clinic. She regularly sees patients in the Langley and Surrey area looking for help with digestion, detoxing. and immune support.

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