Are you struggling to lose weight?  These 2 weight solution options can help you get results.

1. Healthy & Active Metabolism Program
This program was developed in Germany several years ago to assist people in attaining successful weight loss long term through individualized diet plans. The program requires an extensive blood analysis to determine a person’s biochemical and metabolic individuality. The results are then analyzed and foods are selected that will best optimize an individual’s metabolism, therefore providing a personalized nutrition plan.

2. hCG Diet Protocol
The hCG diet was first documented as a weight loss aid in 1954 by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons after conducting weight loss experiments with obese patients in Italy using a combination of a very low calorie diet (VLCD) and injections of hCG, a hormone produced by women during pregnancy. From his findings, he wrote “Pounds and Inches” (which can be found online).

What sets the hCG diet apart is the prescribed caloric intake (below 800 calories/day). Because of the hunger involved, most people cannot tolerate going below 1200 calories/day which does not produce enough of a calorie deficit. Therefore weight loss happens at a very slow rate (one or two pounds/week).

Yet, by combining the low caloric intake with hCG injections, instead of starving, your body breaks down fat stores and maintains lean muscle. You can have up to 3000 calories mobilized from your fat stores in your bloodstream which provides satiety, prevents hunger pangs, and maintains energy levels. The average weight loss is ½ – ¾ pound/day for premenopausal women; ¼ – ½ pound/day for menopausal women, and ¾ – 1 pound/day for men.

hCG is a protein hormone so it works best as an injection. Taking it orally, or any other way, will not mobilize fat stores as well and may not prevent muscle loss. hCG injections will also improve your sense of well-being as the brain will secrete more endorphins and serotonin (‘feel good’) hormones.

Dr. Sarah Sjovold is a Naturopathic Doctor practising at Livstil Wellness Clinic.  She regularly sees patients in the Langley and Surrey area looking for help with digestion, detoxing. and immune support.

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